Chapter 2 1

As Tizer, Sheilandri and Dae Draug flew over the forest on Klack, Dae's giant eagle, they were constantly watching for the glowing form of the Drow trotting through the woods. "He must think that he's lost us... His pace has slowed." Sheilandri observed.

"Well that is best. Now maybe he will return to wherever it is he came from," Tizer responded.

From the back of the eagle, the three could see for miles and the landscape was aglow from the light of the moon. A thin layer of mist covered the canopy of tree tops. It added to the aura of magic that surrounded the forest of Neverwinter, but also helped to conceal the fugitive Drow.


After flying for an hour or so, the purple glow of the faerie fire spell stopped moving. Dae commanded Klack to fly down closer to the tops of the trees where they could get a better look of what was transpiring. A slow smile crossed Tizer's lips as he saw the Drow with the eye patch twist a tree branch on an old, dead oak. The tree upended and a tunnel was revealed. The three Elves could see a very short way down the tunnel with their infravision, but it was obvious that a closer investigation was in order.

The great eagle landed in a clearing about a mile from the site of the secret entrance. All three of them knew that it most likely led to the dark depths of Menzoberranzan. As Tizer, Sheil, and Dae dismounted Klack, Maer Cath, Sheil's Tressym kitten, flew around her head in a swift circles. It nuzzled her ear and flew off towards the west.

"Maer has heard voices! They speak the common tongue and they are coming from the West. She says they are small in number but she is flying ahead to decide if they pose an immediate threat." Sheil informed the other two Elves.

"Well, the tunnel lies to the East, what shall we do?" Dae asked.

Sheil pondered for a moment then pointed east. "We should try to keep up with the drow. Maer will check out the voices to the west and tell me who or what they are."

Dae nodded and took the lead walking towards the tree that the drow entered. The trio moved easily through the woods and soon arrived at the location of underground entrance.

Tizer searched for a moment and found the trigger to open the tree. Pulling on the branch, the group backed away as the tree tilted back and revealed the long stone stairway below it.


Maer fluttered silently through the trees until he spoted a group of humans around a campfire. As he landed silently upon a branch, the kitten listened intently to their conversation.

"She said that the elves would show up here."

"I still would like to know why she wants us to kill them."

"She paid us a king's ransom in gold, that is reason enough for me."

"It still bothers me."

Maer repeated the conversation to Sheil. Sheil told him to come find them at the tree and he fluttered off through the forest. A few minutes later the kitten arrived and landed on his companion's shoulder. The three elves and the blue Tressym all descended the stone stair quietly as the tree slid back over the entrance.


Back at the human's camp, a female drow strode into the firelight. "You fools. They have already passed by you. You have ceased to be of use to me." Ebonstarr snapped her fingers and the sacks of gold flew to her hand. As she left the clearing, the drow turned and hurtled a flaming ball into the camp.

"Should have known better than trust humans to do anything right." She muttered as she vanished from sight.

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