Chapter 3 2

The sounds of battle echoed into the prison chamber. Brisid stood in the middle of his anti-magic jail trying to figure out how to escape. Sar'nav'ell entered the cavern.

"Running away from the battle?" Brisid taunted.

"No. I will return shortly. Before I do that, however, you will die. I can't say it has been a pleasure knowing you." The drow cast a spell, and the magical bars of the jail began to move closer together, threatening to crush Brisid. Suddenly they disappeared, and an elf appeared a few feet behind the drow. Sar'nav'ell quickly spun and cast a lightning bolt into Caran. The first time through made the elf stumble. The rebound from a nearby wall threw him to the ground.

Weaponless and spell-less, Brisid swung his fist into Sar'nav'ell's temple, flattening her. He cringed in pain as his hand went numb. Slightly amazed at the effectiveness of his attack, Brisid checked to make sure the drow was unconscious, and he then knelt by the fallen thief.

"How do you feel?" he asked Caran.

"I've been better. Much better," the thief gasped. "When this is over, could you tell Jem Val'istar--she's another elf that came here--that I've always loved her since the first time I saw her."

"You're going to be fine..." Brisid began, but Caran was already gone. He paused, praying that the thief's journey to Correllon would be swift. "And I didn't even know your name." After binding the still inactive Sar'nav'ell with ropes, Brisid recovered his weapons and armor and strode out of the cavern. He hoped the thief would be the last elf to die that day.


Sheilandri and Modar stood in a dark niche in the cave wall, watching over Nalynn. They hoped they would stay inconspicuous as defending an unconscious elf was not easy. Their hopes were dashed as a cowardly ogre mage, running away from the battle, dove into the space seeking a hiding place and landed on the elves. Underneath the monster's bulbous torso, the elves could do nothing but squirm. The ogre however, feeling something unknown moving beneath him, panicked and cast the first spell that came to mind.

Instantly, noxious, green gas appeared above the ogre, knocking him out. After some struggling, Sheilandri and Modar managed to escape, carrying Nalynn.


Graywolf carefully made his way along the passage. He slipped through the shadows along the wall, alert eyes darting back and forth and pointed ears straining to catch the faintest sounds. The surface elf paused, and took a dagger from his belt. Mumbling the words to a spell under his breath, he laid the dagger on an invisible disk. He began slowly passing his hands over the dagger until it practically glowed with heat. Then he pushed the unseen disk out in front of him, where it hovered along ahead of him as he walked. The passage was almost pitch black, making it fairly difficult to keep his footing.

Suddenly, a form stepped out of a side passage and struck the heated dagger. Gray could see two heat patterns in front of him. One of them knelt down to touch the fallen dagger, pulling his hand back quickly and cursing in the Drow tongue. Quickly, Graywolf raised his hands, whispering "N'tess gothamin." The two Drow stood frozen, struggling to move their uncooperative limbs. The surface elf walked up to the two, drawing another dagger.

After dragging the two dead Drow behind some nearby rubble, he headed off down the side passage. 'So far so good, let's see, Gmanfandan said eighty four paces down this passage...', he thought to himself. After making a few twists and turns in the passages, Gray began to catch faint sounds of battle ahead. He forced himself not to hurry, to keep checking the ground in front of him for danger. Three times he stepped over tripwires near the floor of the passage.

Finally, he came upon a room. There was an orb floating in the room, casting a pale greenish light over the walls. The light created eerie shadows around the room. Graywolf carefully made his way into the room, slowly walking around the orb. After satisfying himself that there were no traps, he started to reach into a pouch at his belt.

Graywolf's head snapped up, staring at the orb as it seemingly emitted a cackling laughter. From a passage on the other side of the room, a lone drow appeared. The Drow was a male warrior, with one eye covered by a patch. He already had blades in his hands, and he wasted no time in charging towards the faerie he suddenly found in his path. Quickly, Graywolf extended his hand and said, "Templa pilini'". Several blue bolts flew from his outstretched fingers, swerving around to hit the dodging Drow. The bolts did little real damage, but they gave Gray enough time to draw his sword and a dagger and crouch into a fighting stance.

The Drow sneared at him, and rushed forward, swords flashing. Gray parried the blades, feinted with his sword and quickly slashed his dagger across the Drow's right arm. The Drow backed up, and began circling Gray. He took in Gray's fighting stance, the quality of his blades, and the ease with which he had just been wounded, and changed his mind about how to fight this faerie.

An instant later, Graywolf was coated in a flickering purple light. He backed away from the Drow, trying to get back into the passage, then the lights went out. It was the darkest black that Graywolf had ever seen, or not seen to be precise. He immediately dropped to the ground and rolled away from the last place he had seen the Drow. Over his head, he could hear the swish of the Drow's blades. Graywolf suddenly bumped into the legs of the Drow. Quickly he threw up his swords to block the blades that came swinging down at him. How had the Drow gotten over here? Quickly, Graywolf jumped to his feet and dove away from the Drow. He wasn't quick enough, though, as he felt the Drow's sword bite into his shoulder.

Graywolf hit the ground and rolled out of the darkness. He stood up slowly, backing up against the wall. A dagger flew at him from out of the darkness, barely missing his head as he dodged away. The Drow's booted feet struck Gray in the chest, knocking him to the ground. He managed to hold onto his sword, but the dagger slid away across the floor. The Drow was hovering in midair just above Graywolf's fallen form.


As the the clashing of metal and sputtering of magic spells filled his ears, Tizer was locked in combat with an ogre warrior. The blundering beast was far slower than the agile Elf and repeatedly bashed the stone wall with its heavy club. Tizer leapt to and fro around the blows of the ogre's great weapon until he saw an opening. Then, with a flash of green flame, Tizer's long sword severed the ogre's arm at the elbow. The fetid creature howled in pain as it watched the limb fall to the ground with a fizz. While the ogre was offguard, it took but one more swipe of the magical blade for Tizer to remove its head. The lifeless trunk fell to the floor and a pool of steaming black liquid gathered around the body.


Riklaun, free of his bonds reached up and grabbed Ebonstarr's hand as she slashed down with the dagger. He twisted her wrist back to make her drop the dagger. She muttered one word and Riklaun flew back to the wall. Riklaun shook off the effects of the spell and looked at Ebonstarr, her hand already dropping the knife towards his chest.

"No!" Riklaun heard. A dark shape tackled Ebonstarr and they dropped to the ground. Riklaun looked at what had tackled Ebonstarr and noticed it was Tathlin.

"I will not be subject to it again!" The undead drow pummeled Ebonstarr. She brought up the dagger and shoved it into Tathlin's thigh.

"I am already dead, Ebon. The magic will not work." he said. Lloth will not command me any longer." Tathlin swatted Ebonstarr fiercely and stood up, pulling the dagger from his thigh. "This dagger will not house me again!" He called upon magic forces of the likes Riklaun had seen before, back during his time possessed from the Drow Dagger of Infinite Slaying. Tathlin started to glow blue and the magic arced into the dagger's pommel. Riklaun saw this and leapt for safety. Tathlin exploded in a ball of flame. All that was left of him and the dagger were soot marks on the cave walls. Riklaun got up and brushed himself off. He looked for Ebonstarr but could not find her. She had escaped. The battle winding down, Riklaun saw Randow come from down the corridor. He had several other Grey Company elves with him.

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