The Cast

The players, both major and minor, in no order whatsoever...

An evil drow priestess who hates lotsa elves etc., etc...
Swordmaster of The Grey Company. He once messed up Ebonstarr. All these problems with Ebonstarr would've never started had it not been for Riklaun. :)
Bladesinger of The Grey Company. He's just kinda there. BTW, Ebonstarr hates him too.
Fair Elven lady of the Seekers who loves being with humans (yuck!). Ebonstarr likes her about as much as she does Brisid (or Riklaun for that matter).
Nasty drow.
Torm (SK)
Human cleric-mage Seeker, married to Nalynn.
Guildmaster of The Grey Company. Chances are, Ebon doesn't like him either.
Wind elf who decided to join the story for the heck of it. Gee, do ya think Ebon hates her?
Maer Cath
Sheilandri's cute elven kitten who can fly, change colors, and speak telepathically with his bonded (Sheil).
Dae Draug
Wild elf who received a message from some unknown person to go help out the gang. You can imaging how Ebon feels about him.
Elvin (TCS)
A "Child of Seldarine", in love with Sheilandri, who admires well-planted flowers. Ebonstarr probably doesn't even know he's alive.
Grey Company member.
Another Grey Company member.
Yet another Grey Company member. Riklaun's best friend.
Thranduil Graywolf
Also a Grey Company member.
Another of Riklaun's friends. Once married to a different Nalynn.
Rand Shadowbane
Former Grey Company member. He left because of his reckless attitude, unbecoming of an elf.
Randow Magvaunous
A strapping young elf who tagged along with Riklaun for awhile.
Gaden Zra
One of Ebonstarr's slaves, a human cleric-mage. A big brute, full of muscles. Could perform well into the night....
Former Grey Company member. To find out why she left, read the story!
Also a former Grey Company member. Ditto as for Illustriel...
Recently inducted female Grey Company member.
Tarion & Edan Peredhil
Twin male elfs.
Jem Val'istar
Beautiful efin maiden who travels with the Peredhils.
Caran Pinnath
An elfin thief who also travels with the Peredhils.
A nasty little drow priestess.
Machea (KTO)
An honorable knight.
The aforementioned honorable knight's partner.