Chapter 4

The elf wandered into the square outside the Seekers' meeting hall. The Falcon on her arm nuzzled her -- she looked around. "This all looks strangely familiar" she mused. "As though I've been here before. Only, only, I just can't seem to remember."

She entered the meeting hall and saw the Christmas tree and all the majestic tapestries which told of great deeds and brave quests. "Who are these people? And my what a lovely tree...only why has it been cut down and placed in this hall?" A mouse skittered across the floor, the Falcon swooped for the kill and made a quick meal of it. She read the messages on the message board. "Riklaun - evil Elf - Braldt - Nalynn.... hmm, what a tragic story. If only there were someone here to tell me more about it." Her ring once again grew heavy and an eerie glow emanated from it as she considered the three names - 'twas a sign of some sort - if only she could remember.


As Lord Monar wandered through the Lost Hills on his quest for the tree of life, he found the wayward albino drow, Riklaun. Lord Monar approached him to see if he could convince him to turn from his evil ways without having to fight him. Unfortunately the drow attacked before Lord Monar was able to prepare himself for battle. Riklaun quickly released a stinking cloud that merely made Monar cough for a minute. But that bought Riklaun the time to cast a fumble spell to slow Lord Monar down.

Hearing the scuffle several crocodiles and an electric spider came out of the swampy underbrush looking for a meal. Lord Monar looked at Riklaun's eyes and noticed a hint of stress in his eyes. It was almost as if he wasn't controlling his actions. Then he looked down at the dagger he was wielding. It was a dull silvery color, and glowed softly, adamantite.... Carved on the pommel was a spider. Lord Monar put two and two together and realized it was a Drow dagger. He figured it probably had an ego and was controlling Rik's mind.

Lord Monar tried several times to slow Rik down, or bring him close enough to death to render him unconscious, but to no avail. Finally Rik was successfully able to cast a hold spell on Lord Monar. As he was frozen there with the crocodiles coming after him, he noticed just how hurt Riklaun really was. One more Ice storm and he would have had him. Riklaun turned and strode into the woods fading from view. Everything went black as the crocodiles closed in for the kill.


Fighting the dreaded Dracs of Crossergate, Belareth heard a whisper in his ear. "Where are you?" it said. "In Crossergate, fighting Dracs" Belareth replied. He felt the flames jump into his veins; it was Riklaun. He was hunting him. Riklaun told Belareth to meet him at the inn of Crossergate, and of course he obliged. Belareth met with him at the inn. Riklaun proposed a battle, and they were off to the hills. "I know I am outmatched, but my elven blood boils to think of the atrocities that Riklaun has committed." Belareth thought to himself.


Entering Neverwinter, Wild Wil felt an uneasy shiver creep up his spine. A bird was calling out. This would not seem so unusual, but it seemed to cry vengeance. His instincts told him that evil was abroad and he could only think of what Riklaun had done.

A quick look in the sewers showed that he was not there. No... evil has a way of being in harder areas. It had to be the woods, our beloved woods now infested with a drow. Hardly in control of himself, Wild Wil hastened away to the Lost Hills in search. Keen elven senses indicated that the presence was ever growing nearer. Upon entering the hills, shivers coursed through the veins of knowledge of what was to be found.

Entering a glade, Wild Wil saw an elf, Belareth, engaging in battle with Riklaun. "Did Belareth have knowledge of the songblade dance and could he endure the trial of a possessed Riklaun?" Wild Wil thought. Diving in, he claimed that atonement for what had been done, must be paid.

Riklaun knew he had been lulled into a false sense of security with two angry elves against him. Angry monsters attacked, but Belareth was able to hold them at bay while spells flashed through the air. One could see in Riklaun's eyes that he was besides himself. Remembering old friendships of days gone by and knowing the value of a life, especially an elf. Wild Wil's sword whistled in a maneuver, even Riklaun did not suspect. Rather than killing him, the dreaded dagger was slashed from it's sheath to fall to the ground. Belareth moved down to allow the monsters to take position in the fight for distraction. While a stunned elf watched, Wild Wil grabbed a great stone from mother earth while whispering an ancient spell, and slamming it upon the dagger in attempt to release it's hold upon his once friend. The last thing Wild Wil remembered was a thundering explosion and smoke.

Rising, Belareth quickly came to Wild Wil's aid. A small crater and ashes were all that remained of the dagger. They were still in the glade and alive. But where had Riklaun gone... maybe carried to the gate. Checking there, they found tracks, but to no avail.


Heavy footsteps sounded on the ground. The quiet of the woods near Berun's Hill echoed the sound through the dead trees. A faint moaning sound could be heard as the wind blew through the tree tops. "Riklaun...." it said. "Riklaun, come to me..."

The figure looked a bit worse for the wear, his hair unkempt, the clothes torn and tattered. The heavy plate mail was scorched in places. Blood stains covered the plate, turning it a devilish red. The man drove on to his destination, dauntless of the fact that evil surrounded this place. No living creature would have attempted crossing Berun's Hill alone.

The wind picked up and blew the hair out of the creature's face. Eyes, tainted with red could be seen shining out from deep sockets. The finely chiseled features of an Albino drow were marked with contortions as he wrestled with an unknown force.

The battle with Wild Will had taken much out of him. The resulting explosion from the destruction of the Dagger of Infinite Slaying had thrown him against the wall. The weapon's evil spirits, escaping the dagger's confines, had leapt into Riklaun as he lay unconscious. New life and purpose surged into his body and he found himself drawn here.

"Riklaun, come to me. You must repair that which has been destroyed. Use the smithy in safety. We need more spirits..." Riklaun heard. "It will be done master." Riklaun said. He hurried towards the small town nestled amongst the trees utop Berun's Hill.

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