Chapter 7

Riklaun wandered into Crossergate from the hills. He needed to get some supplies from town. As he walked down the street in the shadows, he heard someone coming down the road. Putting his hand on his hilt, he prepared himself for battle. Uttering the words, "Amin quella" he slowly faded from view.

TadsBro1 walked casually down the road. He had heard about the problems with Riklaun and knew them to be untrue, but he felt obligated to find out for himself. He knew that his life long friend could not be the way everyone is saying. He thought back to the days of the Elven Brotherhood and how Rik had taken him under his wing and helped him obtain high status in the guild. Rik had even seen to it personally that he be admitted into the Grey Company when the two guilds had merged. Tad felt aloof and carefree because he would prove everyone wrong.

Tadsbro1 wandered into the inn and paid for a room. As he turned to go to the room, he saw Riklaun standing behind him. "Vedui' cousin." Riklaun said. A smile was on Riklaun's face. Tad returned the greeting. "What brings you into these parts?" Riklaun said.

"I was attempting to find you." Tad said, "I wanted to find out why people are saying bad things about you." Riklaun looked puzzled, but still smiled. "People always look for the bad things in someone. I was feeling remorse for Braldt and got a little carried away, but I am all right now."

"I am relieved." TadsBro1 said, "I knew you were okay. You could not do the things people said you did. The stories some people weave! I was even told you had killed Dreemknight." Tad felt the aura of the good elf before him. He knew the truth of Riklaun. He was good after all.

"Tad, let us go and adventure together." Riklaun said. "Let us go combat the evil force surrounding the south part of the city." Riklaun spoke of the dracolich lair in the southern most portion of the city. TadsBro1 said he had never fought a drac, let alone see one.

Riklaun and Tad memorized spells together and then set out. They both went Invisible with Riklaun in the lead. Rik opened a secret door and walked through. As they walked through a door to the south, they were beset upon by trolls. Riklaun's eyes glimmered as he came into view casing a spell. The Fireball flew from his fingertips and exploded into the midst of the monsters. The Hobgoblins were incinerated, the margoyle melted into the floor and the trolls burned.

TadsBro1 yelled out "Burn them!" and he came into view. The trolls were getting back on their feet when Rik cast another spell. A loud clap of thunder could be heard as the first troll exploded. The lightning bolt burned a hole through the second troll. The gleam faded from Rik's eyes as he turned to Tad.

"Do not let yourself get caught off guard. This place is tricky. The monsters here are tough." Riklaun said. They continued on until they got ambushed by an earth elemental and several undead. Riklaun rushed the elemental and dispatched it with several templa pilini'. Tad took care of the undead with a well placed fireball.

Riklaun eyed the far door. "This way Tad." he said. Riklaun threw open the doors to the room wide and walked in. TadsBro1 walked in behind him. The Dracs came out from the corner of the room. Tad whirled and brought out his sword. He fumbled with a fireball spell and miscast it, exploding the spell only feet from himself. The lead Drac, unfazed by the Braggolach Tel'llach, gazed at Tad. Tad stood transfixed by the gaze. The dracoliches pounced on the helpless elf. Riklaun looked on with a smile on his face.


The bold magic-user, Torm the All Purpose Seeker, entered Vilnask searching for the beautiful Nalynn. He heard a soft cry from Crossergate, and he rushed to the spot. It was indeed the incomparable Nalynn, surrounded by heathen undead and spies. He joined the battle with a fierce lightning bolt that instantly dispelled the wisps of a banshee, and then easily put down the spies with several missiles of spellfire. He took Nalynn back to the Vilnask inn, where they conversed privately in the back room.

When he questioned Nalynn about Braldt2, the ring flared with energy, blinding both for an instant, and leaving them with truly vicious headaches. Realizing the ring was a product of the dark arts, he quickly enspelled it with a Remove Curse and a Disintegration to destroy the held forces around it. The dark tendrils of magic shattered into crystalline shards, while the ring dropped, inert, to the floor. Nalynn was grieved by the sudden loss of her ring, which had been given to her by... she realized she couldn't remember.

Torm swiftly corrected her grief by presenting her with another ring... this time with diamonds set in finely crafted dwarven gold. It only took a second for the witty Nalynn to realize what it meant. She sat down, puzzled by the situation. So many rumors about a man named Braldt2... she didn't know what to think. Comforting her, Torm filled in the details. She was married to Braldt, but he had been gone for many, many months now.

He briefly explained about the fate of Warriors of Peace, but, realizing he didn't know as much as he should, recalled his druidic art and enspelled her loyal falcon with the gift of speech. A few moments later, Nalynn came out of the room where she had been speaking with the falcon and pondering her fate. She said to Torm: 'I shall give you my decision if I am to marry you or not on the eve of Christmas Day.' They then retired for a night of cavorting with trolls, banshees, and bandits.

She rested in seclusion in a back room of the Inn. Her falcon told her the entire story of her previous life with Braldt2 and her amazing recovery and transformation following her brutal murder at the hands of the vile elf Riklaun. 'Twas a tragic story and she was still not certain she believed it, for no memory remained of the valiant Braldt2. Even the tapestries in the meeting hall were mostly silent regarding his achievements -- save for some obscure references to a vicious little creature called Wubpig.

"Oh Falcon, what should I do? If 'tis true that I am married, dare I even consider the proposal made by the dashing SK Torm? Is it right for me to consider wedding another when no clue exists to the whereabouts of Braldt?" She looked at the Elfin figure in the mirror -- which looked back at her. "If it is true as you say, Falcon, that I was once a mere halfling thief, but am no longer, then perhaps it is also true that this transformation has nullified more than just my former self. We must find a barrister and consult on this matter. I wish no future trouble for myself or dear Torm in the event Braldt returns."

She summoned the innkeeper and bid him deliver a note to the local barrister. The innkeeper left understanding the urgency of her request - rumors spread fast in this community and the sooner she received her answers, the better.

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