Chapter 8

The chill stood in the cold winter air. Riklaun's feet made nary a sound in the crunchy snow. He stood in a glade. He bent down to check the tracks he has been following. "Belareth must be around here." he thought. The tracks had led Riklaun into the particular glade. This was the glade in which Belareth had stood against Riklaun along side Wild Wil.

Commotion could be heard coming from down the trail. Riklaun looked up and saw Belareth leap off the trail. Rik's eyes gleamed with hatred. He stood and pulled out his swords. Noise was heard from behind him. He whirled and saw four humans coming down the road. He prepared himself for battle.

As he cast the pela tanya tampa aiguldur, two more stepped up from behind. "Seems you have a bit o' trouble friend." Arkeon X said. The battle ensued with WG Elgar facing off to Riklaun. "I am not your enemy Riklaun. The Sisters X are."

Riklaun cast a spell and WG Elgar slowed his advance. "So, it would seem that you are against me. I shall defeat you." he said. Elgar cast several spells at Riklaun. None worked on his behalf. Their blades clashed and the sounds of Bladedancing could be heard. Rik, sensing danger, backed up and a wolf jumped upon Elgar. This gave him the opportunity to cast n'tess uuvanimo. Wg Elgar had a look of shock upon his face as two ice hounds closed in for the kill. Riklaun patted one on the head after they were done killing their prey.

Riklaun looked out over the glade and saw Arkeon X in a corner fighting for her life. Savemee was pinned against a wall with several ice hounds breathing down her dress. Mizzen X had caught DTA Always in a hold and he stood defenseless. The paladin had hoped to stay alive. He did not want a wolf to see him like this. Riklaun smiled. He cast several magic missiles out towards DTA Always. DTA Always' eyes widened as he saw the missiles streak across the battle field. The hold spell ended and DTA Always' lifeless corpse fell to the ground.

Lord Smaug stood facing off with Arkeon X. Mizzen X was preoccupied with several wolves, some of which were silenced. Riklaun cast a fireball in the direction of Arkeon X. The ball exploded and consumed Lord Smaug. She had gotten caught in part of the blast but was thankful her attacker was vaporized.

Just then, mists grew and two Vampires came into the glade. V Starfire came into view and rushed Mizzen X. V Asmodius went after Arkeon X. Riklaun looked over at Savemee and saw the sorrow on her face. She had been trapped against the wall since the beginning and the wolves were biting her all over. Riklaun loosed a lightning bolt toward her and it struck home. The bolt lashed through three wolves bodies before it ended, missing her. Wiping the stars from her eyes, she looked to Rik and said a silent thank you to him. Rik only smiled as the Ice hound leapt on her back driving it's jaws into her spine.

Riklaun pulled out a scroll and cast a spell from it. He threw the blank paper away as the hold spell hit V Asmodius. V Asmodius whirled to Riklaun for his interference but got hit again by Arkeon X. He started to trip over himself. V Starfire floated down in front of Riklaun, blood in it's teeth. The vampire cast a spell and his hand glowed. Riklaun backed off evading the spell-enchanted hand. He backed off, blades parrying. He was low on spells.

"What be goin' on 'ere?" came from the brush. A stout dwarf by the name of Wolfrider came out. "tis not a place 'fer doin' battle, I says." his accent was thick with slurs, making him out to be a northern dwarf. Wolfrider came bounding in and cast two holds. One at Riklaun and one at V Starfire. Riklaun shook the effects of the spell off and slid into the underbrush. V Starfire backed away, seeing Arkeon X running down the trial. It chased after her.

Riklaun whirled toward the dwarf. Hatred flamed in his eyes, for he had had a run in with him before. " 'ere now, don't you be dat elfie that I saw drooling a while back?" Wolfrider said. Riklaun pulled out another scroll and started to cast. " 'ere! what do ye think yer doing? Do ye not know who I am?" he said. Wolfrider cast a fumble spell at Riklaun. The spell fizzled. From behind he heard Arkeon say: "Go, Rik, go!"

Riklaun's spell burned in his mind. He spoke the words written on the paper. "Amin vasa lle sinta!" the spell lashed out and caught the dwarf full in the chest. He stumbled backwards. " 'ere now, what twas that ye just said? I've 'alf a mind to....." With that Wolfrider plopped down and began sucking his thumb. Riklaun smiled at the sight. The remaining wolves wandered over to Wolfrider and began licking the drool off his beard.

Riklaun turned to Arkeon X and gave her a salute. He then walked off into the woods, two ice hounds trailing behind, playfully nipping at his heels.

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