As Riklaun rested in a bed at the Temple, a rustling could be heard far away. Riklaun's ears perked up. He could sense the sounds. He did not know what they were and was worried that it might be something terrible. Sweat beaded up on his forehead, his pale color growing paler. He swung his feet onto the floor to get away from the feeling that was growing closer. Just then, he broke into a smile and lay back down to rest some more.

Out atop Berun's hill, the undead were gone; the wind picked up. A mist rose from the road and enveloped the town. The roads were covered with the fog--it obscured everything. Inside the fog could be seen several figures. They slowly made their way out to the sunlight. As the first emerged from the fog, sunlight illuminated his features. Lord Monar looked up at the sky and said a prayer to Correllon. Behind him, TadsBro1 walked, not too worse for the wear. More people came out of the thick cloud. Every one who exited the mist was one who had been killed by Riklaun's foul deeds. All save for one. Braldt2 did not emerge from the cloud. Perhaps he had been gone for too long. Who knew? He was still missing. Correllon Larethian save him.