Darkness precluded the cavernous expanse. A thin and treacherous bridge crossing the cave was the only way across, the perfect spot for an ambush. Standing at the foot of the bridge was a solitary figure, red eyes plainly visible in the blackness. The Ebonstarr looked out over the edge of the bridge. The drow priestess furrowed with contemplation. She could not see the cavern's floor, nor for that matter could she see the walls on either side or the ceiling. Either magical darkness hid the rock walls or the cavern was really large.

She began her way across the stone bridge, careful not to lose her footing, for the fall, or rather, the subsequent landing would surely kill her. She noticed the scorch marks upon the bridge, a sign that a battle had been fought at the location. The soot made the bridge slippery. She bent down to examine the soot and found a mithril sword. She picked it up and noticed that the blade was melted. "Only a fire from the belly of a dragon could melt this," she thought.

Quickly she brought up her defenses. She cast invisibility upon herself when the whole world went dark. Her ears perked up at the slightness of a whooshing sound. Immediately she went airborne with a levitation spell. She came out of the darkness spell and saw a small red ball heading towards where she had been. As the fireball exploded in a thunderous boom, Ebonstarr spun around and looked at where the spell came from but she saw nothing. Even in infravision she could not see anything.

All of a sudden a loud crack could be heard, and the cavern lit up as a lightning bolt sped towards the drow. The bolt ripped through her back and up towards the ceiling. Ebonstarr fell down towards the bridge. She was able to regain her control over her spell and floated down to land softly. Ebonstarr cast another invisibility and moved out of the darkness spell. As she emerged, she felt the bridge tremble and shake. She looked up as a red dragon perched itself upon the bridge.

Ebonstarr stood on the bridge and started to cast. She faded into view as the spell hit the dragon. The red dragon started to tremble. It spewed fire towards her. The fire arced up and away as the dragon started to fall. It was dead before it hit the floor hundreds of feet below. She heard a roar in the cavern and turned to see another red dragon coming from the opposite side.

Ebonstarr ran down the bridge towards the exit. If she stayed on the bridge she would certainly die. The dragon spewed forth it's breath and the bridge erupted in flames behind her. She continued running. The dragon made a sweep at her with it's feet as it flew by. Ebonstarr ducked and rolled, bringing out her snake whip. She swung at the foot and connected. One of the snakes bit and did not let go. The whip was yanked out of her hand. Cursing, she got up and continued toward a better position.

The dragon turned and spit again. This time the fire caught the bridge in front of the drow. Ebonstarr skidded to a halt. The dragon flew down to the bridge and landed. He looked at Ebonstarr and laughed. "You are a quick meal I must say. Now that I do not have to share you with my mate, you will be that much more enjoyable." he said. "And I do not like my meat raw..."

She cast a lightning bolt towards the dragon. The dragon just shrugged it off. The dragon drew in air and breathed. Ebonstarr leapt off the bridge. She fell quickly towards the cavern floor. As she drew near, she saw stalagmites covering the floor. She brought up her levitation and floated to the floor. The dragon got off the bridge and swooped down. She headed towards the felled dragon. Ebonstarr looked up and saw the dragon circling where she had come down.

Ebonstarr stopped at a stalagmite that had a smaller corpse imbedded on it. She went closer and saw that it wore elven style armor. As she reached for it's pouch, the corpse lashed out and grabbed her wrist. Ebonstarr's eyes widened and she yelled. "By Lloth, begone!" The undead thing crumbled before her. She pulled the hand from hers. A screech from behind her made her move swiftly. She searched the drow remains for a dagger. Finding it, she quietly slipped into the shadows.

The dragon swooped down and perched upon it's mates back. "So, the drow is still alive. I had hoped that I would have eaten you by now. I see you have found your undead brethren. Come out so I can kill you quickly. I promise to make it painless."

"May Lloth spit on your corpse." Ebonstarr said as she stepped from the shadows and hurled the dagger toward the dragon. The dagger hit it's mark and imbedded itself into the dragon's scales. The dragon roared as the blade's magic coursed through it's veins. The pommel of the dagger glowed as it fed on the life force of the beast. The dragon fell to the floor. Ebonstarr walked up to it and pulled the Dagger of Infinite Slaying from the dragon corpse.

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