The Cast

The players in order of appearance.

Once a drow priestess, she was mutated into a drider (half drow-half spider) as her goddess's punishment (mentioned in Omens). Her reduction in beauty, however, has only increased her hatred of Elves.
Riklaun Saambria
Swordmaster of The Grey Company. All these problems with Ebonstarr would've never started had it not been for Riklaun.
Fair Elven lady, formerly of the human guild, the Seekers. After two failed marriages (the details of which were mentioned in the first two volumes), she's decided to stay single for awhile.
Brisid Celemegil
Bladesinger First Lieutenant of The Grey Company.
Strongbow Firehand, aka "VonWildcat"
A raven-haired Bladesinger, he is also the Priest of the Grey Company and the beloved of Rayella Sarrin Melanora
Rayella Sarrin Melanora
A half-breed from Krynn, Albino Silver dragon, Grey Elf, Warrior-Mage sworn to Paladine, and beloved and fiance` of Strongbow.
Guildmaster of The Grey Company. Laden with guild paperwork, he travels relatively little. But when he does, his sword is a welcome ally and a fearsome enemy.
Edan & Tarion Peredhil
Good brothers, they're just two Elf-character types who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.
Jem Val'Istar
A beautiful Elven lady who just follows the Peredhils around...
An intelligent drow rogue-mage who is searching for something.
Randow Magvaunous
A strapping young Elf who tagged along with Riklaun for awhile.
A female Elf who, through many experiences, has become close friends with Randow.
A newly-inducted female Elf of The Grey Company.
Laedrynn Lomear
A solitary Wild Elf, he is wise and wary of the civilization that surrounds him.
Taelsin Grenelefe
A young and somewhat impatient Elf, his vivid imagination and almost constant prattle makes one wonder if he were once a gnome.
Dralennal Querthas Baenre
Gromph Baenre's student, Matron Baenre's youngest son, Escapee from Menzoberranzan. Obviously not a positive sort of fellow.
An Elven bard with an enigmatic history.
Rimellyn & K'ellz
Two deceptive drow who have their own agenda.
Coriadae Graywolf
The beautiful and alluring wife of Thranduil Graywolf
Thranduil Graywolf
The First Lieutenant of the Grey Company.