Talanithus lay within his Glade's Gazebo, the idle brook's passage bringing a comforting melody to his ears. The sun, already warm even though winter had just begun to shake free its grip from the world, soaked Tal in its comforting rays. With a languid stretch that would make a cat envious, Tal snatched up a goblet of cooled Fey. The condensation about the crystal goblet's girth made its hold slippery, yet Tal deftly brought it to his lips and took a deep measure of its icy pleasures.

"Sweets," came a seductive growl from beneath the scattered pillows that littered the marble floors breadth, "you're blockin' the sunlight. Move back over here."

Tal smiled as he turned towards his lover's voice, his dusky grey hands moving with a musician's grace to push an errant strand of snow-white hair from his face. His eyes sparkled into brilliant blue fire as a mischievous smile crossed his lips. With a swift twist, he grabbed Chyanna's leg and pulled her into his lap.

"But why, Lirimamin" was Tal's wry response as Chy's surprised face came swinging to an abrupt halt just inches from his own, "when I can simply drag you into the light with me."

Her upraised eyebrow from Tal's sudden move was suddenly swallowed whole as her delicious lips curled into that oh so tantalizing smile. "As you wish, Sweets. Just as long as you can hold me."

"Oh well... I don't think that should be a problem." replied Tal as he swept in and wrapped his arms about her, drawing her into his embrace. Their eyes, lightly lidded in a sleeper's gaze, caught each other in a moment of pure need. Their hands grasped each other closer, and their lips met with the union of those who thirst for a lifetime, and find that thirst suddenly quenched without reserve. Moments passed within that embrace, each lost in the others warmth, then...

"Argh!!" yelled Tal, swiftly jumping to his feet as he felt the icy wetness of his Fey drench his breeches, Chy, rolling agilely to her feet, was lost in a fit of laughter. Her emerald eyes flashed with mischievous appreciation of her handiwork as she backed from the gazebo on the balls of her feet.

"You were getting' to hot for your breeches, Grey" she taunted coyly, "You needed some coolin'"

"Cool me off, eh?" replied Tal as his lips stretched into a smile, "we shall see who needs a cooling, Lass."

With that, Tal set off after her, the two chasing each other around the glade with laughter peeling forth to the heavens. Just as Tal was just about to catch her, Chy spun about in a low arch, one of her shapely legs sweeping to catch Tal's own and send him sprawling forward, into the laughing brook's lap.


Chyanna doubled over into laughter as she watched the sopping wet Tal lift his head, his snow-white mane drooping about him like a dog's wet fur. Her giggles warmed Tal's heart, even with the freezing winter's bounty running about his thighs. With a wry grin, he twisted his hands in a swift series of arcane gestures, his eyes glowing with blue fire as he summoned the magical energies that were his birthright.

Chyanna, still caught in the depths of laughter, was suddenly lifted straight into the air, her form sent catapulting into the midst of the brook's expanse. With a startled yelp, she was swallowed underwater. Tal, knowing all to well the welcome he was about to receive, ducked into the water himself, swimming forward with the brook until he reached the pond's entrance. Still holding his breath, he swam to the low hanging boughs of a shore side willow tree, emerging and creeping up the bank to peer about the Glade's expanse.

"Chy, Love!" yelled Tal, projecting his voice to the Gazebo with well trained Bardic skills, "where are you, Love? Why don't you come back to the Pavillion?"

A hand closed about his ankle, yanking him backwards into the pond. With an undignified yelp, Tal felt himself fly into the soft, yet steely embrace of his lover. "But why, Sweets? When I can I bring you into the pond with me." Was Chyanna's laughing reply. "Thought you could sneak out on me, eh? The stealthiest Wethril in the lands?"

Tal's reply was lost as she pulled his mouth to hers, and the world was swallowed in their embrace.

To be continued...

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