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Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

Sapphire blue eyes.

That is the first thing one notices when Talanithus walks into a room. His bright, intense eyes... their gaze seeming to bore into one, should they rest overlong. Yet their fierce passion is calmed by his smile and laugh, ever ready to burst forth and bring joy into a room.

Not that the rest of him is easily forgotten. His hair, usually swept back into a ponytail, is the pure white of winter snow. His skin, the dusky grey of a morning fog, betrays his heritage as half Mori-Quessir (Dark Elf) and half Mith-Quessir (Gray Elf). Yet none of the Dhaeraow's (Traitor - Dark Elf) dark anger boils beneath his skin, nor the haughty airs so oft' associated with his Gray Elven tororea (brothers).

His clothing lies within the Night's embrace. Blacks, greys, midnight blues... no color of the Dawn graces his dusky form. Each item is crafted with a Master's care, loving attention being layered upon even the most simple of boots. The apparel's beauty stands seperate from Tal, a tribute to its creator's talent and devotion. Around his neck lies a torc of silver, at its center a crescent moon cradling a star sapphire. Tal's cloak is clasped by a pendant identical to the torc, offering some hint to a signifigance beyond mere decoration.

Elven armor of beautiful worksmanship encases his form, its mixture of shadow and silver ores a testament to his own mixed blood. A tunic of fine elven chain, its links the color of Night, protects him from harm, joined in its efforts by plate coverings of brightly burnished silver... their form glowing as if the Moon herself had blessed them with her radiance.

A Harp lies at his side, giving knowledge to the observant of his calling as Turalindir (Elven Master Bard) and SongSmith. Its ebon frame is gilt in Mithril, the chasings depicting a festival of merriment where laughter reigns as King. Blue sapphires, an exact match for Tal's eyes, adorn its body in tasteful decorum.

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