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Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

"Ahh,.... I see you question how one of such a mixed heritage could be the instrument of Corellon," says Talanithus as he waves to his gray skin, a mixture of the dark tones of the Mori'Quessir and the light ones of the Mith'Quessir.

"That is a strange tale... but I will tell you, so you might know who and what I am, for my childhood speaks much for my future."

"It began with a Mori'Quessir, a Drow priestess of the house Eilservs, named Elayse. She had begun to question the truth behind Lloth's teachings, and the answers she found led her to find a hidden sect of priestess' that worshipped a different goddess. Her name was Eilistraee, a good goddess of those Drow who wished to turn from the dark ones and come back to surface realms. Her searches led her to adopt Eilistraee as her goddess and to flee from the wrath of her House and Lloth's cult. She fled to the surface world, seeking what haven could be found. Unfortunately, not much haven is available to a lone Drow on the surface world. She was spurned and ridiculed, and even attacked by those good and evil alike.

"But that all changed one strange midsummer day. Elayse was sleeping through the brightness of the day in a hidden cave when she heard a strange sound, something like an animal approaching on stealthy paws. With the lithe ease that comes from living the life of a fugitive, she quickly grabbed her blades and hid within a shadow of the cave. As she sat, with the tension flowing through the air, she thought she heard the sound of a lone footfall. Then a shadow streaked inside the cave with the glint of metal proceeding hit. Knowing the danger she was in, Elayse decided to face her situation with the Honor of a Priestess of Eilistraee.

"With a bold cry, she leapt into the center of the cavern and proceeded to level a high strike at this stranger's head. The unknown stalker's blade whirled into a tight defensive formation and parried her blow, only to turn and catch her second sword as it streaked to gut him. Their blades whirled in the silence of the cave, the only sounds intruding on their strange dance the rhythmic clanging of their blades against each other. Back and forth they pushed their duel, yet neither could win a clear advantage. For what seemed like hours, they pushed first one, then the other, and yet neither could pierce the deadly defense of trained Bladesingers.

"Suddenly, a bright flash of blue light coursed through the darkness. Both warriors were blinded by the appearance, and quickly strode backwards to evade their opponent's swords. but what they saw when they opened their eyes was not what either of them expected. Standing in front of them were two glowing figures, one of an androgynous Elven warrior with longsword bared and the other a beautiful Drow warrioress, with her long white hair the only clothing about her lithe frame. They were none other then the incarnate forms of Corellon and Eilistraee.

"This fight shall end now!" said the avatar of Corellon, "we have too much work for the two you to allow the waste of your lives on each other's blades..."

"Yes,..." replied the beautiful Drow, "please, my child, stop and speak."

"Needless to say, the two fighters were stunned by the appearance of their gods. As they stood there befuddled by the strange situation, the same blue glow began to enwrap their god's avatars. And then they were alone in the cave, the blue light slowly dimming to the near darkness.

"'Well, I guess you should come with me,' said the Gray Elf, 'I am Astilanithus Tarant, Lord of Haven. It is a, er... pleasure to get to know you.'

"As you can imagine, it was an uncomfortable moment, but Elayse went with Astilanithus to his keep, and as the years passed they became a powerful force working in tandem to promote the good of all Elvendom. The did much for their Lord and Lady, but in the end, it was they who were rewarded for their service. You see, Elayse and Astilanithus fell in love and were married, giving birth to one son.

"That son was me, Talanithus Tarant. I was born the child of Mori'Quessir and Mith'Quessir, my skin to ever bear the mark of my parent's strange love, my mind to ever bear the disgrace of my own people's refusal to understand that love knows no racial pride. I am a herald of the union to come between the Tel'Quessir, the reunion of The People into one race, as ordained by Corellon and Elistraee's will. But my quest was not always so...

"Suffice it to say that I was called to this world from my own, for the gods know no boundaries in their love for their people. I am here to bring the word of Eilistraee's salvation and Corellon's forgiveness to the Mori'Quessir of the Realm.

"I must preach the Word to the Tel'Quessir, to see beyond the barriers of skin and clan, and see into the hearts and souls of all of Corellon's creatures. We are one race, one people, the Tel'Quessir. The time has come to cease the incessant wars of our bloody heritage and accept each other as the brothers and sisters we truly are. Lloth's lies must be countered with the beauty of the Seldarine's truth.

"And that is the story of my ashen skin, and the purpose of my quest inside of Neverwinter's walls. I have bared the truth of my heritage, if not my past. Perhaps you can see through to give me sanction within your halls, for I fear that there will be those of the Mori'Quessir who will not turn from the Spider Queen's ways, and they will surely seek to slay me.

"In the name of Corellon, I ask The Grey Company for shelter from my enemies, comrades in my adventures, friends at my side, and laughter in my heart. In return, I offer a divine quest, a difficult battle, and a dedicated warrior.

"Please consider my offer carefully, for I cannot promise safety to any who choose to follow my quest. But I can promise something far better. I offer the reunion of the Tel'Quessir and a chance to tender service to the gods themselves.

Feel free to send me a scroll.
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