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The Quest
Songs & Poems


Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

There are many songs in this world, and in the worlds beyond.

Yet there is one song... THE Song, that embodies all that world is. Its purest being wrapped in meter and rhyme, and set free to soar through the heavens. Knowing that Song means knowing that world... its Evil and Good, it beauty and horror. All that it is, so too is that Song.

I was not born in Sosaria... the Song of my own home world still burns within my blood. It comforts me in times of need, remembering the world that I have left. Yet I am empty... empty of the intimate bond Sosaria's soul holds. Empty of the comfort its embrace would provide.

And so I seek Sosaria's Song. Across the shards, I journey. From Tavern to Keep, I travel to find this treasure. Somewhere, someone knows it.

Feel free to send me a scroll.
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