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The Quest
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Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

I sat within the Edanea Tavern, hidden within the darkness of twilight's embrace. About me, others moved and carried about in their pursuits of pleasure and indulgence, yet I stayed to my darkened corner... alone with the wounds my recent travels had left stained upon my soul.

My glass, empty of the bitter Wine the proprietor of this establishment had the audacity to call a Berduskian Red, caught the fireplace's glare in its multifaceted depths. I contemplated leaving my lonely perch for the warmth and safety of my Tower, when I suddenly found myself caught, as surely as within Lloth's treacherous webs, by the form of a dancing Edanea upon the Tavern's floor.

With eyes grown weary from the pain and suffering they had witnessed, I searched out her gyrating form. Her every curve etched itself into my memory with the painstaking attention an artist gives his life's work. My hands reached of their own accord, gathering a quill and scroll from my cloak and setting ink to paper... my gaze still caught by the vision of loveliness that seemed to eclipse the room with her splendor. With a heart suddenly lifted high from its worries, I set down...

I watch her dance, her sinuous body gliding into a sensuous pose of vibrant sexuality as potent as the Siren's call. Her body, so lithe and filled with a wild exuberance, it speaks to my own of a longing I had thought long dead... to join her and let our bodies flow and meld into a symonious whole.

A stray lock of her raven tresses escapes from its sisters, flying free in a moment of rebellion. I watch as she catches it, her hips still grinding to the life pulse of the music's heart. Her fingers work the lock round and round, winding it behind her ear with a misplaced care I long to feel within my soul once more.

I grow to love the beauty of her body's grace.

She is leaving now... her arms wrapped about the waist of some Edanea lover, and I will not break the symmetry of that vision to share what her Soul has invoked within me this eve. So I will lay down my quill, and contemplate the perfection of the memories she has left me, and be content with the longing that they bring, of times gone past, and loves lost.

With a weary sigh I lay my quill down, my dreams vanished into the eve's dark keeping. My eyes closed, I saw visions of others... of loves lost to the winding corridors of time, yet cherished within the tender place I held ever opened deep within my heart. The wounds of their absence burn still, no matter the decades spent embraced with such loss.

Such is the sorrow of loving too easily.

With a strum to my Harp a wave of blue spellfire envelops my form, swallowing me into its care. In my wake, a scattering of gold coins, an empty glass of blue crystal, and a scroll...

Feel free to send me a scroll.
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