Almost Forgotten
by Diyagira

Somewhere deep in the forest of greens,
The fairy spins his webs from dreams
And the wizards cast their solemn spells,
There quietly about the magick dwells
Its beyond the mirrored images or so it would seem,
Though its above and below and in the spaces in-between.
But you'll never really see the old truths here beheld
Or feel the forgotten pain of an old tree felled
You'll never really see if you cant find your way
The path is clear now but wont be someday
So then you'll be left with nothing to see
And the spirits of now will no longer be
The ancient wisdoms will be buried underneath
Of the theories and proofs of science's beliefs
Then the magicks of old with be washed away with the rain
And the stories of the wise men will be legends again.