The Bane of Berun Town

Near Longsaddle and Berun Town
One morning last July
Down the long road green came a keen colleen
And she smiled as she passed me by.
She looked so sweet from her two left feet
And her neat little pretty crossed eyes
With a wart on her nose and a run in her hose
She was scaring the passers-by!

CHORUS: From Candle Keep up to Waterdeep
From the hilltop high to the valley down,
No maid I've met could scare me yet
Like the girl from Berun Town!

She'd one yellow eye and a look so sly
And a nose like the rose in bloom
And you winced at each note from her wattled throat
As she murdered an elven tune
At the holiday dance you were held in a trance
As she fell to the floor in a jig,
And out by the well you couldn't tell
This girl from the farmer's pig!

Such an ugly sow, she aborted cows
And she curdled the milk in the jar
And it was sure death for to smell her breath
For it melted the high road's tar!
The flowers died and the babies cried
And the green grass all turned brown
The dogs all howled and the cats all yowled
At the girl from Berun Town!