Crystal Song
As told to me by Rune, a Dragon of the Destard Caves

As he wandered into the Dragon's cave,
He wondered how, with a single wave,
The beast had managed off, to stave,
The assaults upon his home.

The man cried out a challange loud,
In his heart, oh so proud,
Thought of what, to the crowd,
The riches and glory he'd bring.

Then rumbled out an ancient voice,
Who had to fight, who had no choice,
Who's ancient, rhumy eyes were moist,
With tears, for his death.

"Please, dear sir, grant me one thing,
While unto life I cling,
Let them chant, let them sing,
The voices of my horde.

The man agreed, the Dragon dug,
A hole, while his breath did chug,
A single beam of light, so snug,
Chanced through to hit a gem.

Light refracted, hit some more,
And then the man was dazzled, for,
Light danced in pleasure, not in chore,
So stunned, the Dragon ate him up.r>