Fey In My Cup

I've wandered and traveled throughout many lands,
I've smiled at the ladies, and I've kissed their hands,
I've told a few stories, and sang 'till sun up,
And I'll do it tonight, if there's Fey in my cup.

I'll drink until morning, I don't need a dare,
I'll laugh at the Lord British,.. if the Lord doesn't care.
I'll be under the table, but then I'll stand up,
As soon as you pour me some Fey in my cup.

I'll drink and I'll sing, all through the night,
I'll sleep only after I've seen the daylight,
I'll rise for the feast, I'll sit down and sup,
And then I will revel with Fey in my cup.

I'll juggle and dance to amuse the crowd,
And if I do well, they'll all laugh out loud.
With three in my hands, I'll throw them up,
But I juggle much better without Fey in my cup.

So I'll build a fire, and you bring a chair,
You bring your harp, and you just be there.
I'll tell a story and you sing a song,
And if we all know it we'll all sing along.

We'll sing about maidens rescued by Kings,
Tell stories of seamen and sea-monster things,
And if someone asks me, why then I'll get up,
And sing you a song about Fey in my cup.