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The Quest
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Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

Before Tel'Mithrim's exodus to Sosaria, we lived within a place called NeverWinter upon the world of Toril.

It was a place of crude joy, NeverWinter, lacking in many of the finer aspects of Brittania's world. Yet it was our home.

And so, for tonight's festivities, I would remind those of us who fled to the haven of this world of that which we have left behind, yet never forgotten.

"In Memory"

I sing of homelands, passed far away
Of love never lost, in our hearts to stay
Of friends and lovers, all held dear to soul
No matter the distance, we are still a whole

I sing of yesterdays, now gone from time's hold
Of memories we carry, and stories to be told
Of adventures and follies, of triumphs and pains
Of our incredibly losses, of our miraculous gains

I sing not just to remember, but to remind myself why
Of the wonders we lost, when we watched our lands die
Of the tragedies committed, by the god's simple neglect
When the Lords of that world, did plan for its wreck

I sing to call us forward, our world's life to uphold
Of demons from our past, of our duty most bold
Of our task as Tel'Quessir, this world to protect
And of actions not taken, in wisdom to reflect

I sing of tomorrow, but I call for today
For all of pure heart, to enter the fray
To stand up for lands, we love with our hearts
So that the might stand, and never we part
I sing of my memories, I sing of regrets gone
Yet I sing also of wisdom, gained as life's pawn
To never allow this again, I pledge on my soul
For I cherish this land, my life to keep it whole

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