Ode to the Robed Ones

Oh robed ones in your robes of blue,
Always asked, just what to do?
Never called in times of fun,
Just when something ill's been done!

You task away, to help us all
Give of your time to hear our calls!
Yet what do you hear, when we come nigh,
But "give me this" or "why, why, WHY!"

Oh robed ones in your robes of brown,
Helping in quests, when newbs are found.
Your in the middle, unseen by most,
Yet your actions deserve a boast!

You work your while, behind the stage,
Toiling for the players, relentless sage!
You spawn & you plot, and for that you're due!
For with your aid, you make Quests true!

Oh robed ones in your robes of green,
To you the RPers, most want to be seen,
"Bless my Inn", "Make a Dragon", round and round,
No peace for you, remains to be found,

Yet your actions are great, passed bard to man,
You give our lives meaning, for that we're a fan!
Don't stop in your work, dont cease in your toils
For without your aid our fun would be spoilt!

To ALL of you robed ones, I extend my hand,
You work for our pleasure, which we demand,
In rude turn we give you, nothing but strife,
And so I give honor, throughout my Bard's Life.

Now the gods have spoken, brought down hellfire
Striken all the robes, and called down our ire...
They've left nothing but legneds, of what once used to be
And the respect which I offer, for Robed generosity

So my humble thanks I offer, on this funeral pyre
A token to remember, as we're sucked into this mire
And a reminder to all, as we turn to the new day
The robes might be gone, but its not the only way

Together we can build, what has been torn asunder
Find again what's lost, and strike the world with thunder
For the strength of your robes, was not inside the thread
But in you hearts and minds, and the will by which your led

This age is now over, the robes all gone to rest
But we still survive, and we hold yet what is best
So look now to tomorrow, and make of it as we may
Wear robes on the inside, no matter what they say