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The Quest
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Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

Tortured ghost that haunts my dreams,
My hungering thirst for your love drives me only farther from your reach.
The devouring hands that reach, always reaching
They only seek to push me farther from you.
When will I see that your love is not some prize?
That to find what you are willing to give, I must not demand, but wait.

In time grows the most passionate of flowers
The tender caress of gardener's hands giving birth to love's child.
Wait, let the seed of love grow to full fruition within my soul.
Let me see what fullness of passion you truly have for me.
Then, and only then, will we know the fullness of Love that is our destiny to possess.

Yet if I push to fast.
If my desire for what might be eclipses that which is,
Then I risk the doom of all we hold dear.
For in striving towards what I seek as Heaven's gift,
I lose sight of the one road to its embrace
Hold not to the passion driven longings for what I do not yet have.
I give myself over to tomorrow's embrace,
For I know that I will find reward beyond belief.
Feel free to send me a scroll.
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