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Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

TelMallen (The Circle) is a project I have recently started for the Elven Role Players of the lands. Its purpose is to provide a resource of materials for the aspiring Elf, from language and cultural issues to Essays on how to best portray an Elven Bladesinger.

The project is not limited by a "type" of Elf, and will eventually include a comprehensive history of the Elven Peoples on Sosaria. This has always been the biggest thorn in the sides of Elven RPers in Ultima Online, in my opinion. There WERE Elves in the first Ultima games, yet they mysteriously disappeared in the later ones, with no explanation. (I think DD nuked 'em)

It will be my attempt to create a deep and meaningful History for the Tel'Quessir (The People - Elves) of Sosaria. Part of this is already being implemented in some shard wide Quests on the Lake Superior shard, with more to come in the future.

Do not be afraid to enter Tel'Mallen

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