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Tel'Mithrim, The Grey Company

Tel'Ruid (the Glade) is an Elven Village hidden within the Deep Forest of Yew. It was founded by Tel'Mithrim (the Grey Company) as our home within Sosaria after we fled the destruction of Neverwinter Nights.

Within the past decade, we have opened our home to select Edanea and Fairy Folk who follow the Elven Way, and thus have created a lovely community within the wilds of Brittania.

As one of its Councilors, I have the pleasure of helping Tel'Ruid to grow into its fullness. The gifts of our people in the Arts is legendary, and we have the wonder of hosting a Bardic Contest every month or so.

Truely, Tel'Ruid is a wonder within Sosaria... a Haven to the Sylvan forces of the world from the perils of Evil.

Tel'Mithrim, the Grey Company

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