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Tel'Ruid is a village governed by Tel'Mithrim, a guild comprised of Elves on the shard of Lake Superior. It is a small, but close-knit community of several dozen individuals, all of whom share the Elves' general values. Located deep in the forests east of Yew, the village is a safe haven away from the crowded cities of Britannia.

The village was originally founded to serve as home for the Elves. However, as time passed and knowledge of the Elves' presence became more commonplace, the members decided to expand Tel'Ruid's purpose. Now, all who would come in peace are invited to visit and interact with the Elves. Furthermore, all those of Elven blood and Tel'Mithrim's allies may live in the village.

Tel'Ruid boasts many facilities that allow visitors to experience Elven culture. Several varieties of Elven drinks are available in the Silver Arrow Tavern. Quality Elven goods can be purchased at the Free Elven Merchant Shop or several other vendors. The Tel'Ruid Rune Library contains runes to various locations throughout the world and also serves as a public gathering facility. Tales of past Elven deeds are housed in the Tel'Ruid Library. Worn equipment can be repaired, or new pieces purchased, at the Tel'Mithrim Smithy. These are just a few of the many resources available in Tel'Ruid. More information can be found in the Village Tour.

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