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The Elven pantheon is primarily located in the plane of Olympus, in an area known as Arvandor, "The High Forest". This group of divine beings possess a wide variety of capabilities and areas of interest, and are linked together by a desire for cooperation. Though many of their spheres of influence overlap, there is no conflict between them. The Seldarine are all, almost without exception, chaotic, neutral, and/or good in temperment. None are evil. They act for the most part independently of one another, but are drawn together by love, curiosity, friendship, to combine their strengths to accomplish a task, or by outside threats. What follows is a listing of these beings, and while their descriptions are far from complete, it should provide you with a greater understanding of their nature.

Corellon Larethian:

Corellon is the emodiment of the highest ideals of elvenkind. "He" is the creator of the elven race, and as with all the elven gods, he can assume the form of either sex, but usually appears as a male, and is usually revered in this form.

Corellon is a powerful warrior god, one who has protected his precious creation with hands which have the gentleness of the artist and sculptor, and which wield weapons of unspeakable power when they don his dazzling battle gauntlets. Swift and terrible, Corellon's martial might belies his soft voice and appearance of unearthly beauty. The birth of the elves, people of song and dance, and quiet and still places, is believed by them to have originated in the terrible battle Corellon fought with Gruumsh One-Eye, First Power of the Orcs. The elves were born from Corellon's blood, and they do not forget this. Likewise, they do not forget the role of Corellon in banishing Lolth and the Drow from the surface world, and in many versions of that mythic battle Corellon instructs the remaining elves to be ever-vigilant in force of arms and might of magic against any return of the banished darkness, and also to be strong in heart against the corruption from within which allowed Lolth to pervert some of the surface elves in the days of the ancients.

Corellon is often referred to as "the protector and preserver of my life" by an elf in peril, reflecting his role as overseer and guardian of the elven people. While other deities may reflect the joy, delights and accomplishments of the elves, Corellon stands as an ever-vigilant watcher over them. Only when it is time for them to pass from the worlds he helped create does he renounce his watchfulness to Sehanine. Corellon is held never to sleep or rest. His life spirit flows from and into the elves and their lands, and while mortal elves daydream and reverie, Corellon never abandons his watchfulness. Here he stands in marked contrast to Sehanine, an antithesis which is emphasized by the myths which place her as his consort.

Yet, while Corellon ever watches over the Elven homelands, he is eternally open to learning. It is a typically elven paradox, that a god so versed in the arts and crafts, and so wise, is always open to learning from mortals. Corellon's might reinforces a genuine humility, and his humility is one of the sources of his might.

Corellon's role as an artist and craftsman is rooted in his love of life, growth and abundance. His artistic creations frequently feature prominently in Elven myth, and they usually have the properties of growth and emergence. Corellon creates magical woodland mazes which reveal deeper secrets to those who are guided to explore them, living sculptures of pure water, knowledge revealing "illusions", and much else.

Corellon watches over the boundaries of elven homelands in particular. His avatars wander the borders, often disguised, and he observes the actions of priests and craftsmen. Omens to priests are revealed in the form of falling stars, crystallomancy, sudden inspirations, and a feeling of physical strength, alerting the priest to unexpected danger. His avatar always appears wearing a sky-blue cloak, and a large amulet about his neck which has a blue crescent-moon motif within a large circle.

Priests of Corellon are expected to be leaders of Elven communities in many ways. They take a leading role in developing their own, and training others in, combat skills, magic, and arts and crafts. They are expected to mediate any disputes, and to maintain good relations with priests of other elven religions and sylvan deities.


Sehanine: "Moonbow" (Intermediate Goddess, chaotic good [n/g])

She most closely identified with the full moon. As moon goddess, Sehanine is one who governs divinations, omens, and what is often termed "subtle magic"--illusion, elemental (air) magic, alteration, and the like. She is also a protector against madness.

Sehanine's second role is shared with Labelas Enoreth, god of time. Labelas granted the elves longevity, and he watches over the unfolding of their lifespans; but Sehanine watches over the passage of the elven spirits from the world, and is thus a protectress of the dead. She is also a guardian and guide to those elves who seek to travel to distant refuges, such as Evermeet. These lands are jealously hidden from outsiders by sehanine's exceptional powers of illusion. Sehanine governs long journeys, be it physical or spiritual. In those Elven cultures which proclaim the reality of reincarnation, she and Corellon work together to guide the spirit to it's best subsequent incarnation as it works its way to perfection.

Sehanine rarely concerns herself directly with events in the Prime Material, other than her weaving of illusions around the secret Elven retreats and guiding those Elves coming to those lands. Her omens are usually given in dreams and waking visions.

Sehanine's priests are protectors of the dead, enjoined to combat undead creatures, organizers of funeral rites, and also seers and mystics. They also help with the pratical preparations for journeys to the hidden lands, but provide no guidance themselves. Retrieval of lost arcane lore and magical knowledge, especially pertaining to illusions and divinations, is a prime task of her adventuring priests.

Her symbol is a full moon with a moonbow.


Tethrin Veralde': (Demi-God, neutral good)

The son of Corellon and Sehanine. Tethrin is the patron of Bladesingers and Swordsmanship. Also called "The Shining One" or "The Master of Blades".


Aerdrie Faenya: (Intermediate Goddess, chaotic good [c/n])

Goddess of Air and Weather. As a rain-bringer, she is revered as a source of fertility. She is however, percieved as a somewhat distant goddess, and the fact that she is also worshipped by some aarakocra slightly diminishes the strength of Elven devotion to her.

The goddess herself takes delight in the freedom of the skies, the music of wind instruments, and sometimes, fairly severe and violent thunderstorms. It is rumored that she created the Winged Folk. She is friendly to all avians, aarakocra, ki-rin and lammasu, and is also popular with Elves that have flying mounts such as pegasi, hippogriffs, gryphons and so forth.

Exploration and maintaining good relations with avian races (e.g., giant eagles and aarakocra) are a prime duty for Aerdrie's priests. Development of musical skills on wind instruments, and acquiring magical aids to flight, are also important goals.

Her symbol is a cloud with a bird silhouette.


Araleth Letheranil: (Lesser God, chaotic good)

God of Light, Starlight, and Twilight. Also known as " The Prince of Stars" or "The Twilight Rider".


Deep Sashelas: (Intermediate God, chaotic good)

Patron deity of the Sea Elves. Master of dolphins and always knows where food or the enemy can be found. "The Knowledgeable One".

His symbol is a dolphin.


Erevan Ilesere: (Intemediate God, chaotic neutral)

God of Mischief and Change. As such, he is the main god of Elven Thieves and Miscreants (e.g. Laerithil). Erevan is a fickle and unpredictable deity who specializes in shape-changing. He is a woodland lover and will always wear green somewhere upon his body. He also has a weakness for fine wines.

Priests of Erevan are totally unpredictable. They have minimal duties, oppose settled interests, and delight in upsetting the rule of the law, powerful people and generally creating mayhem.

His symbol is a nova star with asymmetrical rays.


Hanali Celanil: (Intermediate Goddess, chaotic good)

Goddess of Romance, Love, and Beauty. Those wishing for luck in love, or to enhance their own beauty, often look to Hanali for help. She has a crystal fountain of immense size which she shares only with the goddess Aphrodite, and draughts from it are given to her senior priests as philtres of love. Hanali is a being of timeless beauty and benign nature, and forgiving of minor transgressions. She delights in rewarding her followers with the bliss of unexpected love and affection.

Hanali's priests preside over marriages and rites of passage ceremonies for young Elves. They must cultivate fine gardens, amass personal (or temple-based) collections of gems, crystal sculptures and the like. They must always be finely dressed and must always give shelter and succor to young lovers.

Her symbol is a heart of gold.


Kirith Sotheril: (Lesser Goddess, neutral good)

Goddess of Divination and Enchantment Magic. "The Magess".


Labelas Enoreth: (Intermediate God, chaotic good)

God of Longevity. The acknowledged master of time and aging, he is responsible for the extended lifespan Elves enjoy, and knows the pasts and futures of every Elf and all Elven-related creatures. Labelas is also a philosopher, a patient teacher and instructor.

Labelas' priests are responsible for educating the young and promoting and acquiring knowledge. They are also record keepers and historians.

His symbol is a setting sun.


Melira Taralen: (Lesser Goddess, chaotic good)

Goddess of Half-Elven Bards, Elven Minstrels, and Songwriting. "The Songstress".


Naralis Analor: (Lesser God, neutral good)

God of Healing and the Easing of Pain and Death. "The Healer" or "The Watcher of Souls".


Rellavar Danuvien: (Lesser God, neutral good)

Patron of Frost Sprites, Protection from the Elements (particularly the cold). "The Frost Sprite King" or "The Warder Against Elements".


Rillifane Rallathil:( Intermediate God, chaotic good)

God of Forests and the Environment. "The Leaflord". He is worshipped by most Elven Druids and Wood Elves. He is depicted as a giant oak tree whose roots mingle with every other plant in the world. This being is concerned that all creatures have the opportunity to act out their roles in nature without abusing them.

Rillifane's clerics are deadly enemies of those who would hunt for sport or harm trees maliciously or unnecessarily.

His symbol is an oak tree.


Solonor Thelandira: (Intermediate God, chaotic good)

God of Archery and Hunting. His magical bow has a range that reaches as far as the horizon. If he anticipates a battle with a particularly dangerous opponent, he will try to physically touch that being, then retreat. Once by himself, he will manufacture an arrow of slaying designed to kill that one foe, should it strike home.

His symbol is a silver arrow with green fletching.


Tarsellis Meunniduin: (Intermediate God, chaotic neutral)

God of Mountains, Rivers, Snow Elves, and the Wilderness. "The Lord of Mountains".


Corellon Larethian


Tethrin Veralde'

Aerdrie Faenya

Araleth Letheranil

Deep Sashelas

Erevan Ilesere

Hanali Celanil

Kirith Sotheril

Labelas Enoreth

Melira Taralen

Naralis Analor

Rellavar Danuvien

Rillifane Rallathil

Solonor Thelandira

Tarsellis Meunniduin

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