The Bladesinger in Ultima Online


        Of the roving elves, there are few as deadly as the Bladesinger. They are masters of their weapons and have spent their lives in the study of their chosen weapons. They have also learned to cast spells while engaged in combat, thus are able to double their might.   Bladesingers superiority is in thier chosen weapon.  With this idea, they have are heavy on weapon combat than magic combat. While some elves stay at home to defend the elven way, the Bladesingers go out and actively promote it. They do this by seeking out their race's foes and eliminating them. Acting as both diplomats and one-elf armies, they insure the safety of the elf race. 


      One word of note, Bladesingers will not actively participate in Player Killing, but must be versed in the actions thereof in case they are needed in that respect. We do not promote Anti-Player Killing, but will enforce the issue if need be. Just remember, if an Dread Lord Edan meets a couple of Bladesingers and provokes them, he had better be prepared to die.  Also, the Bladesingers can be called upon if one of Tel'mithrim is killed in a PK act.  This is only in an act of retribution.  Any edan killed via action of a bladesiger cannot be looted except for reagents and magic.  It is the discretion of the bladesinger what should be left behind.  At no point should a singer take keys to a house.


There are several skills that a Bladesinger must have. These skills are outlined below:


There are no supplementary skills.  There is no need to differentiate one bladesinger from the next, they can be what they want to be, minus of course a shield or bow user.  Which means that you can be a tailor, locksmith, or healer, or whatever.   Skill totals equal 300 as they stand now.  I am thinking that I should 'up' the required levels of each skill to make the required total be 340.   The Anatomy skill at level 50 will incur a 10% bonus to damage with the sword.  You cna easilly max out the required skills and still have a second profession.


Anatomy - will add up to 20% on damage for warriors


Skill total is:  340


     Remember, there are no Archer Bladesingers at all, so do not ask.  They are actually called Bowsingers.  There is a separate category for them. As is a separate category for Spellsingers.

     Bladesingers are so devoted with their chosen weapon that they may not learn another one. Only in extreme circumstances should the Bladesinger utilize a weapon other than their chosen one, and then only until they can acquire another of their chosen weapon. I allow the use of other swords than your chosen one due to the game ever changing and that your chosen weapon may get blasted in a patch and be useless.


     Currently there are no armor restrictions except bone, but if it becomes lucrative to not wear plate, then I will ban it.  Bone armor is considered evil and cannot be worn.  Unless you wear a tunic over it to hide the bone.  This gives the appearance of Epaulets on the shoulders,  a symbol of rank, and only used for high ranking Bladesingers.  The bone tunic will be used for ceremonial dress only.


     To become a full fledged Bladesinger in Tel'mithrim, you must get a screen capture of the associated skills for bladesinging and your name onscreen, then e-mail me the image. Then I will meet up with the applicant and watch to see how he does in battle. If the elf passes these two steps, then they must pass fame and karma tests.  If the elf falls below karma 0, then they are stripped of their title of Bladesinger and must re-submit an application to me after a one month seclusion to recover the lost karma and to reflect on his mis-deeds. This is a strict rule and will be adhered to. Only certain circumstances will alter this, I.E.: defense of the hall from a good guy looter. I will be lenient.  I am currently unsure if I should also add a fame level of restriction, this will be discussed.

     To see what the image needs to look like, click here  On this page is also a chart of Karma and Fame.

     Once an elf is an applicant of the Bladesingers, they should wear a 'bonnet' a.k.a. Beret. The Beret is the symbol of the Bladesinger and should be worn proudly. Berets will be worn for Ceremonial use only, not combat. And an elf should wear his beret when in town.  Color does not matter, except that no bladesinger may wear a black beret as it is the color of the Megil'turas position.   Berets will be given out during the swearing in ceremony for the new bladesinger.   He or she must recite the bladesinger oath and live by that code.


One suggestion is that you arrange your skill window and create a new 'group'. Call it Bladesinger and then move all associated skills into that group. this will better define you and make it easier to find all related skills.


The Bladesinger Requirements constantly change.   Hopefully not radically as it was in the past.  This is to reflect the changes that OSI creates in the combat skills.  If any changes should be made to this, the changes will be posted on the private board and discussed openly amonst the guild.   E-mail me all questions, thoughts, corrections and 'flames'. We are a RP guild and this will not only hinder our online characters, but also help us to RP elves. We do not need to go around in the best full plate and order shields. We just need to look good.