This is what the image needs to look like:

rikstat.jpg (19489 bytes)

As I reccomend that you place all associated skills in the catagory of bladeinger, these have been broken down into sub-catagories.   This is all I need, no image of you, or your STR, INT, or DEX scores.  Those are not needed. As you can see, my skills that meet the Badesinger status are: Arms Lore, Item Id, and Hiding.  My main skills are grouped seperate for ease of watching them and are all above minimum.


This is the chart, to print it out and keep it handy, just click here, then print this page.

What are the Reputation titles?
Internally, Karma is -10000 to +10000, and Fame is 0 to 10000. The scale for each level of Karma and Fame is exponential, so it becomes increasingly harder to get a higher title. Here is the most current version:
The values 0 to 4 and 5 to -5 are simply references for grid coordinates












Trustworthy Estimable Great Glorious Glorious Lord/Lady


Honest Commendable Famed Illustrious Illustrious Lord/Lady


Good Honorable Admirable Noble Noble Lord/Lady


Kind Respectable Proper Eminent Eminent Lord/Lady


Fair Upstanding Reputable Distinguished Distinguished Lord/Lady


none Notable Prominent Renowned Lord/Lady


Rude Disreputable Notorious Infamous Dishonored Lord/Lady


Unsavory Dishonorable Ignoble Sinister Sinister Lord/Lady


Scoundrel Malicious Vile Villainous Dark Lord/Lady


Despicable Dastardly Wicked Evil Evil Lord/Lady


Outcast Wretched Nefarious Dread Dread Lord/Lady

Remeber, if you fall below Karma 0 then you are outcast from the bladesingers, and must atone for your sins and strive to get back to where you were.