Thy Path of Virtue to the Patron God of the Bladesingers:

Tethrin Veralde

The symbol of Tethrin Veralde is a long and short sword lying parallel to each other on a disk, their blade tips angled toward the upper left; a quarter moon lies above the swords while a full moon lies underneath.

Tethrin Veralde is also called The Shining One or The Master of Blades.  He is the patron god of bladesingers and swordsmen, and is the son of Corellon and Sehahine.   He is an adventurous, strident god, he believes in the power of elven blades and magic to win the day, and likewise encourages his followers to use such to protect and further the elven cause.

Ebonstarr,  Riklauns mortal enemy
Tethrin has few enemies save Lloth, who would like to deal a personal blow to Corellon and Sehahine by slaying him, and the drow demipower Selvetarm, who it is rumored that Lloth sent him to kill Tethrin, but he failed.
fire.jpg (7032 bytes)Although Tethrin spends much of his time on Arborea, he shares the realms of Tethridar on the first layer of Elysium with the goddess Kirith Sotheril, his lover and confidant.  It's a small and pleasant place with a large copse of trees as well as a fruit orchard.   There, amid the trees and open field, followers of his who have died continually practice and hone their skills.
Tethrin's holy days are held on the same day as Sehahine and Corellon's, whereupon they give thanks to the holy union which brought forth Tethrin.  Also, once each month a special day is held in which they show off their fighting skills and attempt to bring new converts.  Known as Tethrin's Match, it usually brings a healthy amount of attention, and they generally succeed in their attempts.  Tethrins colors are blue and silver, most of his followers wear those colors, but some do not.  Those that do not, end up complimenting the colors they choose with Tethrin's colors.




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